Make your dome easily with a connector kit.


 We suggest you build yourself inexpensively your home, greenhouse, tent, aviary, photo studio, pergola, garden shed or bungalow.

The dome structure allows a large interior space free of pillars, saving materials, it is composed of triangles, the most rigid geometric shape known to man. It offers quick installation in one day the dome can be erected by two unskilled  people with the help of a mounting  plan provided.



Since the geodesic domes exist, they have proven not only the ingenuity of the concept but also a lifestyle unique and original. Live under a dome is a unique experience, a special warmth prevails thanks to  his smooth curves and rounded shape. It is associated with an open and free mind.

Each triangle has the potential to create a skylight at the whim  of each one and the finality of the dome.

The spherical dome volume gives a spiritual dimension. Religions didn't not deceived, whether churches, cathedrals, mosques... adopt this form in their buildings.

There is a relationship between the analog world (macrocosm) and the human being (microcosm)