Different types of a domes: dome Frequency 3/2/1.


 We offer two types of  complete kit  which allow to build a dome that makes a little more than a half of a sphere.

3 frequency domes is recommended for up to 7 meters in diameter, because beyond the triangles are very large which does not facilitate the recovery of a dome with tarpaulin and / or wood panels (OSB). In fact there should be intermediate cleats which is not necessary if the triangles are smaller.




The frequency 2 is recommended for those who would like a greenhouse covered with transparent plastic or polycarbonate plate. It 's easy  to install and fast because the frequency 2 is composed of only 26 connectors and 65 rafters. I would say a diameter of 5 meters is a good compromise for a small greenhouse.

For those who want the simplest expression of a dome you have the frequency1 which is in fact a icosahedron with 30 rafters, 20 triangles and 12 connectors. For a dome F1 itself he is composed of 25 rafters, 15 triangles and 11 connectors. Clearly the base of a dome F1 is  a pentagon and not a triangle  for the icosahedron. (see video). Depending on the purpose of your project you choose one or the other.


Special dome F2  fast assembly,  unique manufacturing, 4 meter diameter, 2,10m height .










The dome covered with a transparent covering is a  dome F4 by 7 meters in diameter. (picture above)

In summary : higher the frequency, the higher will be the amount of triangles and those triangles will be smaller for the same diameter. The dome is obviously rounder and therefore  more beautiful. Thus the cost of a dome is not a function of its diameter, but the number of triangles within it.


Dome F3 with a wooden structure + reeds + mud + connector kit.


Dome F3 with aluminum profile and connector kit.



for  a use more specific with tarpaulins : PVC, coton, acrylic, linen...